Demonstrate The Love Of Jesus

Jesus didn’t just tell people about the kingdom of God – He showed it to them. His actions, the way He loved and interacted with people, gave them a taste of what the coming kingdom of God is like. He met people’s physical and emotional needs, bringing to mind the statements in Revelation about how sickness and pain will not exist in the future. We want to carry on that mission and message, meeting people where they are to show them the love of Jesus, to bring them real hope in a broken world.

Our missional efforts at Gateway are provided to give each Christ follower an opportunity to share the love and message of Christ in our community and around the world.


Life on Mission

This 5-week study will be offered seasonally to help you gain a fuller understanding of the gospel and help equip you to share with people in everyday life.

Outreach Events

Regularly we offer local mission opportunities to serve in homeless ministries, pregnancy centers as well as care for the less fortunate in our community. Stay tuned for future events!

mission trips

Past trips have included work projects for a Christian Children’s Center in Detroit and an evangelistic and service trip to El Paradon, Guatemala. Stay tuned for upcoming trips!